City of Austin Migrates to OO.o (almost)

Henry Spencer henry-lqW1N6Cllo0sV2N9l4h3zg at
Thu Dec 18 18:53:41 UTC 2003

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003, JoeHill wrote:
> "The City of Austin recently completed a group of pilot studies on the
> use of open source software in its day-to-day business. According to a
> message posted this morning on the Austin LUG mailing list by Scott
> Brown, the results are in, and as a result, as many as 80% of the
> city's desktops may be migrating from Microsoft Office to

Note that the article now includes an update with comments from the city's
CIO, saying that the pilot studies are *not* yet complete, e.g.:

  Collins stressed to us that "The intent is not to replace the entire city
  with OpenOffice at this moment in time." His major concern is that our
  story was misleading the public into thinking "the results are totally in,
  because they are not." 

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