ZeroInstall; dare ya !

Peter L. Peres plp-ysDPMY98cNQDDBjDh4tngg at
Tue Dec 16 18:12:47 UTC 2003

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, William Park wrote:

> But, how would you run Vim or LaTeX?  You would have to dial out every
> time you turn your computer on, no?  Is that like doing network install,
> every time?

It's more like browsing with a proxy. After you browse for a day 90% of
the sites you want are in the proxy and you can disconnect and keep using
them. Then the remaining 10% will come in slowly, as you need it, when you
connect. When you have too many you purge the cache (selectively or not).
I like the idea but it practically requires broadband.

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