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GDHough mr6re9-mI4xJ4qlgtBiLUuM0BA3LQ at public.gmane.org
Mon Dec 15 14:03:21 UTC 2003

Many Thanks,

Learning is a wonderful thing. I had no idea I didn't need cat. I guess I'd 
only use it to append to a file as in cat >>, no? I considered the quotes but 
regrettfully never tried them.

I definitely will not need so much sleep now.

I use logwatch, but at the default level. I never attempted to customize it. 
It reports a number of things including lame servers, although I wish it 
would put a time-stamp on the lame server entries. Most of these are 
generated through Spamassassin MX lookups.

My ultimate goal is to create some colorful charts and track some trends 
similar to this:

http://farmer6re9.isa-geek.org/log.html  ~141k w/image

Thanks Again,

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