Dear Santa

David J Patrick davidjpatrick-rieW9WUcm8FFJ04o6PK0Fg at
Wed Dec 10 05:12:28 UTC 2003

Chris Aitken wrote:

>Dear Santa,
>For Christmas I would like Microsoft to go out of business. I don't know
>how - I haven't
>thought it through. I'd just like it to curl up and die. If that's too
>much to ask for I'll take
>world peace.
>Thank you.
Sorry to disappoint, Chris, Microsoft will never die.
They will, however, be humbled.
It will be a slow and agonizing process, with much wailing and moaning.
There will be casualties, as the monsters limbs lash out, but most 
people will not notice.
They will be too happy playing with lovingly crafted open source 
applications and a real OS.
If they're real nice, we'll let them park cars outside the party.

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