quiet PC

Madison Kelly linux-5ZoueyuiTZhBDgjK7y7TUQ at public.gmane.org
Tue Dec 9 15:28:54 UTC 2003

That is certainly not true!!

Yes, the power supply plans for sufficient airflow to cool the average 
chassi but it certainly is not a good idea to run with no cooling at 
all. Those voltage regulators get very hot and simple convection of the 
heat to a static air environment will simply not suffice.


Wil McGilvery wrote:
> If noise is an issue, and if you have an extra pc, why not use terminal services and set up a dumb terminal in the area where noise is a problem.
> Someone correct me if I am wrong, but if you boot from a floppy and leave the cover off, you don't really need the fan on the power supply.

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