Reply To address messes with tlug-lxSQFCZeNF4 at

Chris Aitken aitken-BwLjziHGQLusTnJN9+BGXg at
Tue Dec 9 12:32:06 UTC 2003

JoeHill wrote:

> On Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:20:08 -0500
> Chris Aitken <aitken-BwLjziHGQLusTnJN9+BGXg at> wrote:
> > I tried this a while back and ran into problems sending/recieving email
> > to/from tlug-lxSQFCZeNF4 at,
> > if I recall correctly.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> The problem is, if people don't notice, or don't have their mail client set up
> to override this, the responses to your post(s) will go directly to you instead
> of to the list.

Riiiight - I see.

> The people who *do* notice and/or have their client set up to
> override your reply-to, well, you get the idea. Your only hope, AFAIK, is that
> people will reply to your post with a cc to the list.

Yeah, no I can't rely on a solution from the sender.

> Unless I'm *completely* misunderstanding you, which is a common thing for
> me, it's just not a Good Thing on mailing lists.

OK - maybe I'll have to switch to Mozilla from Netscape so I can use profiles -
then I'll have one profile for sending/receiving from/to my business, and another

> I'm hoping that this response will not result in you making threats about coming
> to my house and doing me harm, which is what happened on another list when I
> questioned someone's use of this setting :-D

I don't think I'm confident enough in any of the concepts surrounding email to be
offended. I might hurt you then realize later it was my stupidity not yours. : )

THis is all making sense about 70%. But when I post to the list now, I get replied
the list, not me. So, why, if I change the Reply To address will the sender at the
other end now send to me not the list? [I think you'll be visiting *me* with a
baseball bat
- and not for baseball. ; )


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