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Tue Dec 9 01:15:11 UTC 2003

Chris Aitken wrote:

>I have been using Netscape Messenger for email for some time.
>It has served me well.
>I now need to move to a system by which I can see the same
>email from two different PCs. Sounds like a simple thing but I have
>a feeling this is going to entail a huge learning curve and maybe even
>moving to a different email system.
>I don't even know where to start. I know that helpless newbies are not
>to be coddled on this list - I just need the first concept to
>and then I'm sure that will have me chasing the right ideas - unless you
>know of a site called "Setting up Netscape Messenger to store the mail
>database centrally to be accessed from any linux PC on the network"
>(please Creator, let there be such a site!). : )
IMAP has been suggested, or you can set the local mail in Netscape 
preferences of both PCs to point to the same Mail directory. You need to 
set up permissions properly.

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