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Keith Mastin kmastin-PzQIwG9Jn9VAFePFGvp55w at public.gmane.org
Tue Dec 9 01:16:19 UTC 2003

> I guess this is a rhetorical question: Is the fan the only thing that
> makes noise? I have three fans - CPU, chassis and removeable drive
> bay.

Unlock the bay and boot.. it will tell you almost right away in most cases.

> I suspected it was the removeable drive bay, so I replaced it with
> another, identical bay. No improvement - of course that doesn't
> prove that the bay is not the culprit - this brand might just have
> a noisy fan assembly.

If it's a plastic bay with a fan in back, it's a good guess. I have a
couple in a machine that start making hell's racket from time to time.

Aluminum are the best, but if you tell the vendor about the quitness
you're looking for they should be able to test it in front of you before
you buy.

> And to be completely honest, the unwanted sounds were different
> (but not less) with the second bay than with the first.

Drive bay.

Your sound room should be isolated from the electronics in any event for
best sound quality, especially with digital recording. Sometimes even an
amp fan makes a difference.

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