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Mon Dec 8 22:30:04 UTC 2003

S P Arif Sahari Wibowo wrote:

>I have a newbie questions.
>As scheduled in the website, TLUG will have meeting tomorrow (Dec 9).
>What usually happen in the meeting?
30 - 50 furry geeks (and, occasionally, a bright looking young lady) 
gather in a lecture room.
If there's a guest speaker, and he's new to *nix, the group will baffle 
him with 147 different ways to do anything.
If the guest is a linux expert, it is the n00bs that will be baffled.
There will be jabs at SCO and Micro$oft, and countless inside jokes with 
varying levels of hilarity.
Problems will be solved, and new ones uncovered, contacts will be made.
The guys in the first two rows will do 80% of the talking, have done 
could store data on a microwave oven and network it to the toaster.
Most of the group will just listen with an expression of interest, or 
boredom, or a headache, it's hard to tell.
Afterwards, if the prevailing mood is thirsty, the group will reconvene 
at a campus pub for frosty jugs and good company.
See you there.

>How the best way to go there?
TTC to College & McCaul, then cut north into the University grounds..
    .. ask a fresh faced student how to get to the Galbraith building.

>Is there any reasonable parking around the place?
>How much is the parking?
You can park along Kings College circle, I think it'll be $10 - $12

you're welcome,

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