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cbbrowne-HInyCGIudOg at public.gmane.org cbbrowne-HInyCGIudOg at public.gmane.org
Fri Dec 5 13:26:48 UTC 2003

> On December 4, 2003 12:56 pm, Marcus Brubaker wrote:
> > > You might find this article, by one of the LISP community's greats, both
> > > interesting and on topic:
> > >
> > >     http://www.paulgraham.com/javacover.html
> >
> > To each their own opinion but if you want to do OOP then there really
> > isn't a better language out there than Java.
> Do people write real software with java or is still just web stuff?

How do you define "real"?

The actual successes with Java have been with "application server"
software, which often represents web servers, but also other sorts of
server software.

The folks I work with have a whole lot of Java server software...
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