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> Has anyone used x10 or home automation in 
> their house?  Where is a good place to 
> shop for x10 stuff?  Any recommendations?
> Robert
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I use it to turn a fan on in my attack, and it has worked
reliably for three seasons now.  I used an x10 motion sensor
to turn on a lamp in my hall at night so my kids wouldn't go
bouncing into things on the way to the loo..
Somewhere in my neighborhood, someone else started to experiment
with x10 and turned my tv set on a few times (select an original
house/device code and you can get around that..)
All that having been said, the technology has no capability for
error detection and retransmission and I never considered it
reliable, or used it for anything I really needed to depend 
upon.  The fact that you can't pull data with it, just push doesn't 
help either..
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