Toronto FreeNet stable now; wish it were co-op, tho

Jason Slaughter jason-2F8E0OLjuh154TAoqtyWWQ at
Tue Dec 2 20:47:45 UTC 2003

Slightly OT:

The Tororonto FreeNet sounds great, and I'd be interested in using them for 
DSL (I'm on Rogers Cable now). I'm curious though--is it possible to get DSL 
access these days without a Bell land line? Both myself and my girlfriend use 
cellphones exclusively, so we have no land line in our apartment. There is 
(of course) a physical phone jack and wire that has to go to the central 
office, but is it possible to get DSL on this without paying Bell for home 
phone service?

DSL looks great, and it can be faster than Rogers, but the cost of DSL isn't 
so hot when I have to tack on $20+/month for a phone line I don't need.

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