SMC Cable/DSL 4port router

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Tue Dec 2 16:14:40 UTC 2003

Tim Writer wrote:
> James Knott <james.knott-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at> writes:
>>Terry Tanski wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Anyone have any comments on the SMC Cable/DSL 4port router (SMC7004VBR)? 
>>>How does it compare to the DLINK (604) or the LinkSys (SR41)? Does it have
>>>half-decent firewall capabilities?
>>I have the wireless version of that.  It seems to be OK.  What capabilities
>>were you looking for?
> Well, I worked on the wireless version for a while and was not at all
> impressed.  The firewalling capabilities are only applicable to the Internet
> connection, i.e. you cannot firewall your wireless LAN from your traditional
> LAN.  You can use MAC based ACLs to prevent wireless users from going out to
> the Internet but you can't stop them from accessing your wired LAN.  You can
> also restrict wireless traffic but you can't implement a deny by default
> policy, i.e. you cannot deny everything except the few services you want to
> allow, you can only deny specific services.
> The bottom line: as long as you're not using wireless and you're using NAT,
> it will give you a basic level of protection simply due to the use of private
> IPs with NAT.  IOW, it's okay for a simple home setting but I wouldn't use it
> in a business setting.

Back when those routers first came out SMC was really the only one on 
the market and thus I sold a number of them. A -lot- of them later 
failed. I switched to using Linksys (now Cisco) and I haven't had a 
single failure yet.


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