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Jason Shein jason-gaRZxGPHtpBxZtjKW1aY+1aTQe2KTcn/ at
Tue Dec 2 11:09:00 UTC 2003

I have an idea that I would like to put out and get some input on.

I am currently converting over numerous windows home users to linux. I 
want to implement a backup & restore scenario that is idiot proof, and 
that the individual users can recover from at their leisure. ( without 
tech support from me )

My idea is as follows.

1: Using cron to archive the users /home directory at regular intervals 
- time of day would be set by a config file set by root. Use of 
mondoarchive I feel would be of great benefit. There would have to be 
settings and checks based on disk space allocations and availability. I 
would prefer both a differential backup system as well as having a known 
good configuration as a last resort.

2: When a user goes to logon, at the bottom of the window manager 
selection list, there would be a "Restore from backup" option ( linking 
to a script that would initiate the recovery process ). this would 
prompt the user, indicating the possibility for loss of data created 
since last backup ( an indication of last backup by a timestamp would be 
good ) before finally recovering from the backup.

Would this be possible? feasable? Is there already a tool out there to 
accomplish this? Any input would be appreciated.

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