Visual effects is the process of integration of live-action footage and CGI to create environments which look realistic. Ahmed Shehata will demonstrate various concepts and techniques used in the post-production to achieve the results you see in today's major blockbuster films.

The lecture is starts with a journey behind the scenes of visual effects production from the creation of assets and environment modeling, photo-realistic texturing, 3D tracking for lighting, rendering and compositing the delivered image outputs.

Ahmed Shehata will also showcase SynqTools (a work-in-progress development project for VFX production) a tool that enables Web sites to interact and send commands to desktop 3D applications (such as Maya) through ports using a variety of Open Source packages and programming languages (such as Java, JavaScript, C++, wxWidgets, MySQL, and PHP).


George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre at Ryerson University

245 Church Street, Room 203 (second floor).


  • 7:30 pm Meeting and presentation.
  • 9:00 pm After each meeting a group of GTALUGers move to the The Library/ The Imperial Pub at 54 Dundas St East for beer and more socializing.